Sunday, August 06, 2006

Burning the midnight oil

Bleugh. That's my generic word for expressing a state of mind where you feel knackered, drained and pretty much ready for a nap. Which is more or less how I feel at this moment in time. It's 2:06 in the morning, my caffeine level is too high, and I really need to crawl into my bed and sleep. First of course, I have decided in my infinite wisdom to write a blog entry. Apologies if I'm rambling, but I've just put a gruelling 150 minute writing stint in, starting just before midnight.

It was however definitely worth it. The first draft of the prologue is now finished. I decided the tower scene I had originally planned for some reason wasn't quite working so I switched the scene to a snow-shrouded forest, changed the season and the added some wolves. Big wolves. Overall, I'm very pleased with the way the prologue has turned out. Of course it needs editing and will no doubt change in shape quite drastically, but I feel the basic structure is there and that most of what I've written tonight and in the last day or so will remain. It is of course a bummer to lose most of what I'd previously written, but writing is a process, an evolution and things change. You know how you leave your house at 10:10 to catch a bus at 10:15, only to find it came at 10:09? Writing is like that: you plan for one thing, something else happens and you have to deal with it.

So...first draft of prologue done. I'm glad that I managed to put in a major effort tonight, as I've not written an awful lot recently and tomorrow I have boring real-life things I need to do. The monthly target for August was 15,500 words (500 a day). So far I'm on 3176, so I'm ahead of schedule. I'd written 701 words earlier today and at 23:45 I had originally intended to play Diablo for 30 mins or so but ended up writing - for over 2 hours. This is definitely a good sign. Normally I write for 30 mins and play games for 2 hours, not the other way around. I'll post some of the prologue once I've dusted it down a bit.

On the subject of Diablo - gotta love retro RPG hack-and-slash action. The sequel is a far better game, but the original is not without its charms. I particularly like the storyline, which is something along the lines of "THE EVIL LORD DIABLO IS GOING TO DESTROY THE LAND AND YOU NEED TO STOP HIM BY KILLING HUNDREDS OF BADDIES." Wonderful stuff, how on earth did they think that up? That's pure originality. To be fair I was flicking through the Diablo 2 manual earlier and some of the background they have in there is quite interesting, so we'll let them off. Plus Blizzard made Warcraft 3, which has a wonderful history and storyline to it, so we'll let them off even more.

In other news, I watched Lake Placid earlier which was decent brain-free viewing (if predictable as hell). You can tell Summer is gradually drawing to a close here - the air seems cooler and there is a crisp feel to the air at night. Which is good, because Autumn owns.

One final thing which I ought to point out - my personal profile has my starsign as Aries. I AM NOT ARIES. I was born on March 20, which is the last day of PISCES. And I've even checked this on a proper chart, so there. I am, and always will be, a fish. God, I can't believe I said that - go check poker lingo if you're not sure why.

Right, I need to visit napnap land.


Blogger Brian Malone said...

Dude, I got nowhere with my WIP until I bit the bullet and uninstalled (yes, uninstalled) all of my beloved computer games. No more Halo, no Neverwinter, no BF1942, and no Pirates.

9:07 PM  
Blogger JGThomas said...

That is a pretty drastic course of action! But I totally understand your reasoning. At the moment things are fine in that I'm writing rather than playing video games, but the urge to ditch writing for gaming is always lurking at the back of my mind somewhere...

11:47 PM  
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