Thursday, August 10, 2006

Fighting Fantasy Revival

I absolutely love this artwork, taken from "Talisman of Death" - one of the latest of the classic Fighting Fantasy gamebooks to go under the knife and be re-released in a sleek new format. Being a massive fan of the Fighting Fantasy series (I own the entire original series, all 59 of the books...some of the rare ones were pretty expensive) I was a little sceptical when I heard they were eventually going to be republished. I had spent many a happy hour in my younger years trekking through the Old World and Allansia, battling monsters with my pencil and dice. The Fighting Fantasy world was such an escape for me, and I was worried that reviving the whole thing might lessen the affection I held for it. I needn't have worried.

Some of the earlier reprints were a bit uninspiring, but they've really pulled the rabbit out of the hat now. Some of the new artwork is brilliant, and even better - they are finally publishing Bloodbones, the long-lost book 60 of the original series that never saw the light of day and was no more than a rumour on internet chatrooms for over a decade. But now it's here and the artwork is stunning. Can't wait to get my hands on it.

If you're completely confused as to what I'm rambling about, check out the FF homepage for all sorts of goodies and info -

Regarding The Order of Midnight, I spent a couple of hours tonight editing the prologue, giving it a bit of spit and polish. I was hoping to get cracking on Chapter 1, but I'm only 250 words or so into it. Having trouble getting a feel for it and I'm not yet quite sure as to its structure, how I want it to open, etc. I think I have a better idea now so maybe tomorrow I'll have another crack at that. As for the prologue, I'm very pleased with it. I think it is an exciting start to the novel and asks plenty of questions. I'll post a snippet soon.


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