Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Stumbling at the first hurdle...

The last day or so has really hammered home how easy it is to lose your confidence and enthusiasm the minute you hit a snag with writing. Last Friday I bashed out 2000 words in a few hours. Since then I've managed barely half of that. I'm having second thoughts about the prologue. Not so much about the setting, but more about smaller things that don't seem too important but actually are - like the order things happen, and whether certain things happen at all. While I've been ruminating on the finer points of the prologue, I've started thinking that maybe I should change it quite drastically. I'm at the point where I feel like I'm back at square one, where my mind feels like it's playing the bloody devil's advocate. Yes, that could work but what if you did this...or what if you tried this, and then you could do that... Argh.

There are many different ways of writing, but I'm one of those writers that falls into the category of pretty much having to have everything planned out before I write a scene. I need to know the finer points of what happens. I guess this fits with my personality (I'm generally well organised and like to plan stuff before I do it) but then again when I was at college or university most of my work was written off the cuff, with minimal planning. I guess that creative writing varies quite considerably from academic writing.

In any case, I really need to get this prologue sorted or risk my progress getting screwed altogether. I have a day off from work on Friday, so I am aiming to have a solid idea as to what the situation is so I can have a good crack at the prologue then.

Writing aside, I've discovered that my ipod isn't bust after all. For some reason it just won't charge when I plug it into my pc. Yet when I dug out my knackered old laptop it quite happily charged after I plugged it in. I almost felt sorry for my laptop, the poor thing shuddered the whole time like it was going to implode and took the best part of 10 minutes to boot up. A little message keeps popping up saying "WARNING - THERE IS A PROBLEM WITH THE COOLER SYSTEM. PLEASE RETURN FOR SERVICE" so I guess the whole thing is screwed. Then again I've not used it for about 16 months, since I got my new desktop. I was secretly hoping I might be able to load up Lords of the Realm 2 on it, but I don't want to keep it on for longer than 30 mins in case it self-destructs. Plus it is about as fast as a geriatric hamster.

In other news, I tried to eat some toblerone and nearly ripped my thumbnail off in the process of trying to seperate the chunks of chocolate. Probably the dumbest injury I've suffered in a long time, since my friend at university jumped into an ironing board, bounced off onto a table loaded with bottles and caused one to shatter and nearly slice my throat. Fortunately it gouged a chunk out of my chin instead and I only spent 8 hours in hospital, waiting to have my chin stitched up (which took all of 10 minutes).

Good days...


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